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Features & Benefits

  • Accurate laser-based volume measurement 
  • Automated Mettler Balance mass measurements
  • Approximately 2 minutes measurement time
  • Less than 3 minutes compactor to results
  • Minimal operator training
  • Results independent of operator experience
  • Suitable for at-line measurements - allows efficient optimization of roller compaction settings during formulation development
  • Suitable for fragile or very small fragments
  • No sample preparation required
  • Measures ribbons and tablets
  • No consumable supplies
  • Unattended measurements for up to 12 ribbons depending on size
  • Unattended measurements for up to 36 tablets
    • Facilitates formulation studies using compaction simulators
    • Facilitates tablet disintegration and dissolution studies
  • Remote, networked, real-time data view application with formulation - friendly analysis tools
    • Allows single instrument to service multiple compactor lines and, with results from multiple ribbons available immediately at the compactor, facilitates optimization of compactor settings.

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